Concerned Dad Decides on Home Renovation

A Navy veteran in our area was just starting his family, and wanted to take some time to update his home. With kids on the way, the renovations were definitely time sensitive. Concerned about the safety of his house, he decided to do some kitchen and bathroom remodeling in Fairfax, and thought it would be a good time to childproof the home too. He called us because a friend had recommended Granitech Inc. as one of the top home remodeling contractors in Fairfax.

Playrooms for Kids and Classy Stone Countertops for the Parents

This customer contacted us asking for our help in a revision of a few rooms in his home. He wanted to transform a couple of his extra rooms into bedrooms so each of their children could have their own space when they came to visit him. He also wanted to update a function room with our bathroom remodeler services and change them by adding stone countertops, and make it kid-friendly for his growing family. Finally, he wanted to add a mudroom at one of the entrances of his home to provide a space for the kids to put all their messy outdoor clothes and shoes when they came to visit him.

Rob loved his remodeled bathroom in Fairfax! - Granitech IncWe began with the bedrooms. It wasn’t too difficult to take out the old flooring of the rooms and put in a nice, soft carpet. We also installed shelves on some of the walls so there would be space for books and other nicknacks. As there wasn’t too much to tackle with the bedrooms, we then moved on to remodeling the bathroom. He wanted to put in a dark, flecked tile so it wouldn’t show messes as much. He ended up choosing a dark greasy granite tile for both the floors and the shower. For the fixtures the client chose a simple, silver style, because he didn’t think the room needed much fuss.

Wood Accents for the Bathroom Remodel

Finally, we worked on the mudroom. Once again, we went with a dark tile as that would be easiest to clean and wouldn’t show the mess as much. We also decided to install custom cubbies made with a rich cherry wood for each child, so they’d have a specific place to store their jacket and backpack when they were visiting. Our customer was thrilled with all of our remodeling contractor services, and told us that he couldn’t even imagine using another home remodeling company. We told him we’d give a discount when he decided to do a kitchen remodel (maybe once the kids are a bit older).

Home Remodeling Brings Together Styles

We recently got a call for a major kitchen and bathroom remodeling in Arlington. A couple had bought their first home shortly after they got married. They both work in the marketing department of a local tech company and wanted to move closer to their work for convenience’ sake. Prior to getting married and moving in together, each had their own home and their own very different style. Now that they shared a space, they wanted to make it their own while still maintaining their individual tastes. They were interested in a country style, but were also very big fans of functionality and modern decor.

When the couple contacted us asking for our help in remodeling their home, we knew this would be a case where compromise would be key. Initially, the two couldn’t even decide what rooms they wanted our help with, but eventually settled on the kitchen and the bathroom. After we met them for a consult regarding the kitchen remodeling in Arlington, we knew it would be important to satisfy some elements from each of the two, but also ensure that the rooms looked professional and put-together.

Consultation for Design and Home Remodeling

Granitech did a Home remodeling in Arlington made this couple really happyFor each room, we decided that keeping most of the elements very simple would provide an excellent background to showcase the more stylistic elements of the room. For both the bathroom and the kitchen, we kept the walls and floors very neutral, choosing a cream paint for the walls and a light granite tile for the floors.

To construct a flow from the floor into the shower, we used the same tile in the shower as well, but added a modern flair with some dark marble accent squares. This material matched that of the bathroom and kitchen’s marble countertops, which both had an exceedingly contemporary vibe. They really were interested in stone countertops, so we were happy to help them with our expertise. We then decided to draw most of our inspiration for the smaller elements of the room from country style. For the fixtures, we chose some antique, bronze pieces that weren’t too flashy and didn’t clash with the modern style we had already incorporated into each room.

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling Completed

For the appliances in the kitchen, we decided to forgo a unifying theme for every piece and instead chose each one on its own based on its uniqueness. Once our design and build process was completed, we stepped back and looked at the finished home remodeling project.Ultimately, for each room we ended up with an eclectic mix of modern and country style that wasn’t too overwhelming to the senses and that they were both very happy with. They couldn’t wait to tell all their friends at the office about us and about what a great job we did turning their first home into their dream home.

Luxurious Treatment Calls for Skilled Bath and Kitchen Remodeler

We were recently contacted by an Alexandia resident who was nervous about beginning a remodeling project. When she first moved into her new home, she was overwhelmed and even frightened by the prospect of doing a home remodeling project on her damaged, outdated house. Luckily for her, she didn’t need to. One of her colleagues at the lab she worked at recommended us for our Alexandria remodeling contractor services, so she gave us a call and asked if we could help fix up her home. We, of course, said yes and sent someone over as soon as possible to get a feel for the project.

New Kitchen and Bathroom remodel needed for rental unit

While she was interested in updating her entire home, she especially needed help with her basement, which was entirely unfinished. She wanted to make the bottom floor of her home into something special and something she could possibly rent out to another individual looking for a home. In order for the basement to function as its own unit, we needed to add some key elements to the space, namely a kitchen and a bathroom. To begin, we had the plumbing and electrical work for each room completed. Next, we framed the walls for the entire space to mark off the space for each room. She wanted to make sure that once the kitchen remodeling finished, that the room was large. She also wanted the bathroom to be luxurious with granite countertops, in order to create a miniature spa experience for her tenants.

Bathroom Spa & Kitchen design & build

Granitech installed new stone countertops during this kitchen remodelThe emphasis for the finished bathroom remodel was “relaxation,” according to Sofia. To accomplish this goal, we began with a tan granite countertop with flecks of grey, black and brown, and a dark-stained walnut wood for the cabinets. The shower was affixed with a rainfall showerhead and light travertine tiles. The floor of the bathroom was also granite, mixing squares of grey and tan to match both the shower and the countertops. All the fixtures in the room were a dark copper to emphasize the beachy, spa-like feel of the room.

For the kitchen, we planned a similarly luxurious feel. She picked out a rich, dark cherry wood for the cabinets and the same grey and tan tile combination from the bathroom for the floor. She also kept with the theme of copper and chose similar fixtures for the room. We were even able to order some specialty equipment for the kitchen remodeling, and installed an oven, refrigerator and dishwasher with brushed copper fronts to match the fixtures. She was thrilled all around, and couldn’t wait to put the space on the market to begin showing it off to potential renters.

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New Kitchen Appliances Leads to Granite Countertops in Springfield

Recently we received a call from customers who were two parents that had just sent their kids off to college. Once all their kids were gone away the couple decided to purchase some new appliances for their kitchen. To complete their more modern look they wanted Springfield granite countertops for their home. They went to GraniTech Inc, and we were able to provide the materials and installation with ease.

The GraniTech granite professionals arrived at the Springfield home and the couple showed them their kitchen. We measured the present countertops, then we went over different granite options with the couple. We let them know that we offered a ‘non-stain granite,’ which are our exclusive, maintenance-free granite countertops. They were impressed with this type of granite and decided to order it for their kitchen. The GraniTech team did a final measuring, then let them know that we would have the granite delivered and installed within five days. The customers were amazed with the final look of their kitchen. They each said if they knew that granite was this affordable before that they would have had it installed sooner. The GraniTech Inc staff contacted the customers a week later to see how they were enjoying their new granite kitchen, and they said that GraniTech Inc is clearly the granite countertop specialist in Springfield. Their countertops are easy to take care of and look modern, chic, and fantastic. The customers are so happy that they are planning on having a special dinner to show off their new granite countertops.

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New Homeowners Call for Springfield Home Remodeling Contractor

Not long ago, GraniTech Inc was contacted by new homeowners. The family wanted to renovate the home that they had just bought. They needed the best Springfield home remodeling contractor to take a look at the kitchen and bathrooms, and GraniTech Inc was by far the most responsive company with the best prices and design vision.

The GraniTech Inc design experts arrived at the Springfield home and the new homeowners greeted us, then showed us to their kitchen and bathrooms. They asked us to give them a thorough estimate and design for all the rooms. Our experts talked with the couple for a while so we could learn the type of style and design that they were looking for with each of the spaces, as we wanted to make sure that we coud make their remodeling dreams come true. Our design team let the couple know that we could add beautiful fixtures, new lighting, and different design ideas for both the kitchen and the bathrooms in their home. We let them know that all work is done with a 100% customer satisfaction and guarantee. We gave the couple a thorough estimate for the different designs and they let us know they would look it over, but another company was also coming to do a bid. We heard back from the new homeowners a week later. They hired GraniTech Inc as their home remodeling contractor in Springfield. They said that we were the only contractor that was knowledgeable, affordable, and provided a design vision that was in line with their intentions.

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