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GraniTech Inc offers the most professional and quality kitchen and bathroom remodeling in Alexandria that Virginia homeowners can trust. Homeowners can rely upon GraniTech Inc for all their home remodeling projects. GraniTech Inc has over fifteen years of experience and dedication in the home building industry. We use only in house employees who are qualified and trained. We thrive on making sure our customers are 100% satisfied. Whether you’re looking to update to granite countertops or replace fixtures, you can count on us for your next renovation project.

Home Remodeling Services

GraniTech Inc offers professional remodeling services:

  • Kitchen Remodeling
  • Bathroom Remodeling
  • Custom Closets
  • Stone Countertops
  • Granite Countertops
  • Marble Countertops
  • Quartz Countertops
  • Interior Remodeling
  • And so much more…

GraniTech Inc is a full service home remodel company. We can create your dream kitchen, bath, or interior space at an affordable price. We take the stress and worry from our customers with our qualified team.

Alexandria, Virginia

This city in Virginia is located on the Potomac River and is seven miles from Washington, D.C. The population is 150,575. The city was founded in 1749, and incorporated in 1852. This is a historic city that offers a variety of entertainment and attractions. The George Washington Masonic National Memorial is located in Alexandria. The building is dedicated to George Washington. The construction of the memorial began in 1922, then was dedicated in 1932. The tower of the memorial is designed to look like the Lighthouse of Alexandria, which is located in Egypt. The George Washington Masonic National Memorial is 333 feet tall, and displays murals, an altar in the chapel, and many more beautiful artifacts that everyone should see.Granite Countertops in Alexandria are often created by Granitech Inc

Old Town is the historic center of the city. Old Town is where most tourists and visitors go . Old Town offers boutiques, antique shops, art galleries, restaurants, and many other venues. The streets in Old Town are cobblestone and the sidewalks are red bricks. Visitors can hop on the Free King Street Trolley in Old Town to navigate easily. The trolley stops every two blocks and runs every ten minutes. Visitors can have access to over 180 boutiques, shops, and restaurants with ease in Old Town by riding the King Street Trolley.

A popular event occurs in Old Town, which is the Scottish Christmas Walk. This event started in 1969, and starts with a parade in the center of Old Town. The event celebrates the Scottish heritage along with the Christmas season. This great city has something for everyone to enjoy. The enchanting city is located on the waterfront, so fishing and boating can be done too. If you are planning a visit to Alexandria, then you will want to make sure you plan on staying for several days, so you can truly enjoy everything the city has to offer.

GraniTech Inc is the professional remodeling company that  residents can depend on for professional remodeling. If you are ready to create your dream bath or kitchen, then contact GraniTech Inc today and schedule an in-home consultation with our design consultants.

Luxurious Treatment Calls for Skilled Bath and Kitchen Remodeler

We were recently contacted by an Alexandia resident who was nervous about beginning a remodeling project. When she first moved into her new home, she was overwhelmed and even frightened by the prospect of doing a home remodeling project on her damaged, outdated house. Luckily for her, she didn’t need to. One of her colleagues at the lab she worked at recommended us for our Alexandria remodeling contractor services, so she gave us a call and asked if we could help fix up her home. We, of course, said yes and sent someone over as soon as possible to get a feel for the project.

New Kitchen and Bathroom remodel needed for rental unit

While she was interested in updating her entire home, she especially needed help with her basement, which was entirely unfinished. She wanted to make the bottom floor of her home into something special and something she could possibly rent out to another individual looking for a home. In order for the basement to function as its own unit, we needed to add some key elements to the space, namely a kitchen and a bathroom. To begin, we had the plumbing and electrical work for each room completed. Next, we framed the walls for the entire space to mark off the space for each room. She wanted to make sure that once the kitchen remodeling finished, that the room was large. She also wanted the bathroom to be luxurious with granite countertops, in order to create a miniature spa experience for her tenants.

Bathroom Spa & Kitchen design & build

Granitech installed new stone countertops during this kitchen remodelThe emphasis for the finished bathroom remodel was “relaxation,” according to Sofia. To accomplish this goal, we began with a tan granite countertop with flecks of grey, black and brown, and a dark-stained walnut wood for the cabinets. The shower was affixed with a rainfall showerhead and light travertine tiles. The floor of the bathroom was also granite, mixing squares of grey and tan to match both the shower and the countertops. All the fixtures in the room were a dark copper to emphasize the beachy, spa-like feel of the room.

For the kitchen, we planned a similarly luxurious feel. She picked out a rich, dark cherry wood for the cabinets and the same grey and tan tile combination from the bathroom for the floor. She also kept with the theme of copper and chose similar fixtures for the room. We were even able to order some specialty equipment for the kitchen remodeling, and installed an oven, refrigerator and dishwasher with brushed copper fronts to match the fixtures. She was thrilled all around, and couldn’t wait to put the space on the market to begin showing it off to potential renters.

New Bathroom Remodeling Work in Alexandria

Here you’ll find our latest projects involved with Alexandria Bathroom Remodeling!