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Are your feet always cold in winter? Do you feel like you can’t get some rooms warm, even with the heat on? Do you hate taking showers in cold weather because you have to step on the cold bathroom floor afterward?

Heated floors could be the solution. At GraniTech Inc. in Springfield, VA, we provide heated floor installations that help heat your home and lower your energy costs.

Radiant floor heating benefits

Radiant floor heating systems function by running heated fluid through pipes under the floor, heating the floor and other objects in the room. Unlike forced air heat, this means the heat isn’t lost to the air, making for more energy-efficient, lower-cost heating. Radiant heated floors also require less maintenance and typically last longer than forced-air systems.

While this method of heating can be used for entire homes, floor heating systems are particularly well suited for heating rooms or areas that receive less heat. Kitchens and bathrooms are some of the most popular locations for heated floors, due to the tendency of tile to get cold in winter and the pleasant feel of warm floors in those spaces.

Springfield’s heated floor experts

At GraniTech Inc., we specialize in radiant floor heating installation in Springfield, VA, and beyond. We’ll consult with you on whether it’s best to install the system in one area or your entire home, providing efficient, affordable installation.

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